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Singapore Travel Outtakes

Originally posted on From Swerve of Shore:
A lot of expats and travelers in Southeast Asia like to rag on Singapore. They say it’s too clean, too orderly. It’s boring and polite and polished. Nothing but soft edges. But I’ve always thought criticisms like that said more about the person than the place. Singapore–like everywhere else in the world–is largely what you make of it. It’s a complex and complicated place, capable of being just about anything. Little India on a Sunday is chaotic and wonderful, with energy pulsating through the crowded streets. Chinatown fills up with old men playing chess and gossiping as they sit idly about. Hawker centers dish out world class cuisine day and night. Locals and tourists alike browse through the Gardens by the Bay and the old colonial promenades downtown, and at night restaurants, cocktail bars, speakeasies, and clubs all come alive until the early hours. I’ve been back and forth to Singapore several times this year, and I haven’t once had to repeat a single night out. There’s always…

More Things To Do In The Steel City

Originally posted on for the love of nike :
After spending Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh, I have a few more travel tips for ya. (Just in case you didn’t get your fill from this one or this one.) Where to Stay: Hotel Monaco: This trendy spot is in a fun location downtown. It’s filled with whacky art, and if you’re there when the weather is accommodating, there’s a great rooftop bar. We had brunch at The Commoner on the lower level. It’s a fun place to grab a drink or make your own at the bloody mary bar. The Westin Convention Center: We stayed here the same night we went to the Penguins game, so it was quite convenient. (The weird reflective bean hanging thing pictured below is from their lobby.) What to Do: As I’ve said many times before, I love the Carnegie Museum of Art. This go-round, I got to talk to a parrot in the H√©lio Oiticica exhibit. There’s also a room filled with hammocks where you can hang out and jam to Jimi…

Destination: Cambria, California

Originally posted on The Finicky Cynic:
Hello, fellow bloggers! After spending this past week recalling my travels in Scandinavia during the summer of 2012 (for the post that started it all, check it out here), next on my “Throwback Travels” takes us all the way back to 2010, when I spent a good amount of it visiting different parts of California and Nevada. I’ll refer to this series of travel posts this week as the “West Coast,” even though I didn’t visit all of the states in that certain geographical location. But I digress. Any case, let’s start the travels from the good ol’ US of A…West Coast-style! ūüôā It was the summer of 2010; I was a soon-to-be high school senior who had spent the time figuring out colleges to apply to, as well as beginning to draft my personal statements and taking (and retaking) the SATs for good scores to get me in to some of the best schools out there. In the meantime, it was summer, meaning that?there were plenty of opportunities…

Fields & Farms

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I never thought I would say this, but with temperatures skyrocketing to the 90s and beyond in Massachusetts this week, I’m rather missing the temperate/constantly rainy climes of my time in England! Though we¬†dodged raindrops with every outing, at least each drizzly day was bearable with an umbrella and a coat. I actually enjoy staying inside on a rainy day; conversely, I feel guilty for avoiding the outdoors when the sun is shining. Yet that’s exactly what I’ll have to do over the next few days until the East Coast decides to chill! I suppose it will give me a good opportunity to look back through some more of my photos capturing moments in the English woods… One of the most delightful places I visited on my trip was an urban farm on Bidston Hill, named after Tam O’Shanter. It was a lovely place to stroll and offered plenty of opportunities to say hello to the resident animals, from geese– –to goats! I only wish our fellow visitors (many with…

California | A Study

Originally posted on Natalie Breuer:
¬†Follow¬†my instagram¬†for more of the above photos¬† Dear Reader, If you’ve been reading my blog for any period of time, you likely know my¬†opinion¬†on California is not very¬†favorable. That being said, I am here until I leave for France (next week!!) and have been trying my hardest to see the best in everything. In a turn of events, I have succeeded to an extent thanks to my newfound addiction to film photography. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks taking pictures of things I find beautiful here (feat. my¬†incredible¬†friend and muse Shawn/love for neon signs). I¬†hope you¬†find¬†them beautiful too. And in other news, I posted a new playlist to the¬†Music Forum¬†last night ~ as always, music suggestions are very, very welcome!! ¬†Instagram¬† ~ ¬†Facebook Page¬† ¬†~ ¬†¬†Twitter¬† ¬†~ ¬†¬†Tumblr¬† ¬†~ ¬†¬†Bloglovin¬† ¬†~ ¬†¬†Pinterest XX, The Girl in the Little Black Dress

Lake Distrct, Part I: Arts & Crafts

Originally posted on mailbox mermaid:
The Lake District is the place where many (non-British)¬†forest girls’ dreams were born–exploring the land of Beatrix Potter and Wordsworth felt like returning to a childhood home that I’d never visited before. I imagined¬†all the romanticized visions of idyllic woods-and-country life from children’s stories playing out before me as we drove by the lakes and trees and mountains and stone cottages… The first stop, though, was a place entirely unlike a simple “cottage”: Blackwell, a great Arts & Crafts manor decorated in the most beautiful Art Nouveau-esque style. Every grand, sweeping room included tiny windowside reading nooks, tucked-away places for contemplation and creation. (So who wants to contribute to the “let me live in an Arts & Crafts house in the Lake District” fund? I promise it will be a good investment [for me, at least]!) Everything from the wall friezes to the books on display reflected the same core design values of simplicity, beauty, and a connection to nature. Works for me! Speaking of connections to nature, each room…

The Magic Place from Transylvania

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It is as magical as I am telling you. There are beautiful places everywhere you go around Transylvania and every single one of them should be explored. We must learn to enjoy, protect and cherish these places. If the nature gives us as a gift it‚Äôs beauty we must also protect it and show the world that we have such a beautiful country full of unique landscapes and traditions. The magic is found in every colour of the landscape which reminds of our childhood and the beautiful memories with our grandparents or all the adventures with the childhood friends. Most of the times we forget about those moments, we leave aside the childhood memories and we focus our life on the urban part that is very difficult and stressful. From time to time we must remember that the past landscapes are still existing in our country and we must appreciate them. This is just a part of my magical Transylvania countryside. #crissteanature ‚ô• I wore a beautiful yellow skirt designed…

Smile Like Baymax

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The first quarter of 2016 has made me a busy bee by juggling between full-time job and FnJ business ‚Äď plus Jansellbiskwit blog of course. But instead of getting burned out, I find time to breathe some air, drink lots of water (Haha!) and get a good amount of sleep. Positive outlook also works. I consider each task/activity not as bunch of headaches but an opportunity to learn, connect and grow. When we choose to be happy, everything turns out smooth and easy. So stop frowning, smile like Baymax! On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate your happiness? Bags Life¬†(via Zalora)¬†cap, Revlon lipstick *Hype this look and follow me on Lookbook.

So I Met a Guy on the Plane…

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I met a man on a flight to Frankfurt, and I think it may change my life. We were crammed in seats so far back you couldn’t see the moist towelettes and eye pillows of first class, ¬†browsing through movie selections and trying not to make awkward elbow advances across the center rest, when a man from India asked me what I was planning to do in Germany. “I’m actually flying on to Budapest,” I told him, struggling to open the package of pretzels that international flights still give for free. ¬†“And then I’m driving from Hungary to Slovakia.” “That will be a nice weekend trip,” he said as if he boarded planes to Europe every day. “What will you do there?” “I’m doing an photojournalism internship.” The phrase felt foreign; I kept pinching my arm fat to make sure it was really happening. I’d stopped telling friends and acquaintances about the position, afraid it would turn out to be a joke. I asked the man where he was going,…