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Churro Cupcakes

Originally posted on amanda.a la carte:
Like most people, I am a self-taught baker. I began with baking cupcakes with custom fondant décor and moved up the ladder to doing multi-tiered cakes. It even turned into a small side business with family and friends keeping me busy with orders. Unfortunately, school began taking most of my focus and I had to prioritize. I enjoy finding unique, easy cupcake recipes online and then combining bits, from each, to make one recipe. I love trying new things and doing the most with everything I do. Anyway, enough with the story and let’s fast forward to the present! A few team members, at work, arranged a “Mexican Fiesta” themed potluck for a fellow employee-of-the-month-er. Of course, I put myself down to bring cupcakes! Everyone loves the cupcakes I bring! I dive into Google and Pinterest to find recipes that I would openly accept to make. You know…nothing too hard or time consuming on a work-night. *don’t judge me* I usually stray away from recipes that are from scratch…