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The Perfect Day In Bondi

Originally posted on Little Brantley Abroad:
Today marks my last day in Bondi Beach before I head home for the holidays. I don’t know how, but from the moment I arrived, this beach town felt like home to me. Yes, it is a beautiful beach with attractive Aussie men running around 😉 but there is so much more to it. The people here are so kind and filled with great energy, anything you need is just a few steps away, and it has provided me with more incredible sunsets than I could have ever imagined. If you have a trip to Sydney planned, don’t miss out on a day in this spectacular place. Here’s how to have the perfect day in Bondi: Breakfast in Bondi: The restaurants in Bondi are so good that I will be posting a full article about all the delicious places to get brekkie, but for the sake of this post, I would recommend Speedos Cafe! Not only is their food amazing to photograph, it’s also delicious. (Below are their cronuts and pink…

Escape: Far North Queensland

 We are currently in beautiful Far North Queensland, where the spectacular rainforest meets the warm calm waters of the Coral Sea. Here are a few snaps from the trip so far, we will have a full detailed post coming soon, once we can drag ourselves away from the beautiful sandy beaches. Love ELE x View original post

Escape: Port Fairy, Australia

 We have been lucky enough to spend another beautiful weekend in the gorgeous town of Port Fairy in Australia. This picture was snapped at East Beach after a two hour walk along the coastline, the pretty spring flowers were in full bloom and the ocean was so calm and inviting. For more details on the town including where to eat and where to stay see our previous Port Fairy post. Happy Sunday x View original post

It’s A Party, It’s A Party, It’s A Party!

Originally posted on Polished by Amy:
Hi loves! Today is my birthday!! I’m finally 23 and I cannot believe time is going by so quickly! The fact that it’s already time for another birthday is blowing my mind. It’s also making me reflect on this past year of being 22 and how much I’ve grown. This entire year has created major growth in my life both personally and professionally. I have done a lot more soul searching and have become completely confident in the person that I am. I know that is something that many twenty-somethings struggle with. I have found my confidence, spirituality, career goals, and life goals. I am no longer that young girl trying to find my way, and that feels liberating.?I wanted to share somewhat of a “highlight reel” of the past year to celebrate new and even better things to come with being 23! Landed my first ever publication is a magazine! I had my work published in the print and digital edition of Nail Pro Magazine and Nails Magazine…


Originally posted on thechopsticklife:
Avalon, also known as the Main Line of New Jersey. It’s where all the white, upper-class families from the suburban Philadelphia area go to spend their summers. My first trip there was about five years ago with my friend, Ryann. We were just mere middle schoolers and her mom drove us down, stopping at the New Jersey rest stop on the way for some Starbucks (seriously, how more basic white girl could we get). I had never spent a whole week at the beach before but after a few days it was easy to see the appeal of beach living. All my “stress” melted away as I sat on the beach, lathered in SPF 50 to avoid becoming a lobster, eating a cinnamon bun from the local bakery… I have many fond memories from that trip, and a few days ago I drove back to Avalon–this time with my friend, Jill–to relive some of those moments. Aside from it being my first time back at the Jersey shore since my trip with Ryann, this was…