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Singapore: The World in One City

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On a trip to Singapore with our high school friends five years ago, we got separated from the rest of the group. The two of us – plus our best friend – got lost in the middle of the city with no working phones, no maps, and no idea where to go. We walked around with no direction, visiting little shops and trying street foods in a very unfamiliar area. That’s when we saw it: a tiny street with low-rise buildings painted in crazy colors and beautiful murals. We thought it was so different from what we usually saw in Singapore, so we decided to explore. It turned out we were in Haji Lane, just off the Arab Quarter. Boutique stores lined the street, interrupted in parts by chic cafés and restaurants. Beautiful paintings decorated vacant walls, and people lined up to get photos in front of them (we did too!). Just off the street, we could see the Sultan Mosque standing proudly with the Singaporean skyline in the…

Escape: Far North Queensland

 We are currently in beautiful Far North Queensland, where the spectacular rainforest meets the warm calm waters of the Coral Sea. Here are a few snaps from the trip so far, we will have a full detailed post coming soon, once we can drag ourselves away from the beautiful sandy beaches. Love ELE x View original post

Day 4: The Grand Canyon

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Day 4 consisted of another long van day with a couple of interesting stops along the way! The first stop of the day was at Lake Havasu City to see the original London Bridge. The bridge, which was originally built in of course London, was bought by a rich man (Robert P. McCulloch) and reassembled in Arizona in the late 60s/early 70s, in a fake English town. But it was unlike any English town I have ever been to. Imagine an idyllic Shakesperean village with palm trees that’s about 30 degrees hotter than actual England. London in America London Bridge The next stop was much more fascinating – Seligman, an old style American town on the historic Route 66. The Pixar film Cars is loosely based on Seligman, and you could definitely see a resemblance with the old cars and traditional style stores and cafes. I would have liked to have a bit more time at Seligman to have a little wonder around the town, we only stopped for lunch and…

Don’t be the Tourist Type or Story That This is About.

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Over the last two years I’ve largely been a tourist rather than a native of my own country. And in that time I’ve been lucky enough to meet others far away from home and even those who call the places I visit home. But I’ve also developed a list of stories I’ve seen or overheard from other tourists, or even types of tourists that simply drive me mad. Here are some of those types and a story from the list… The Types __________________ The ‘Typical American’ I myself am American through and through, and a majority of people I know are American. This has nothing to do with them or myself though. Yet when one is on the road and away from Americans for any stretch of time they develop an eye and an ear for what make some of their fellow countryman noticeable. There’s been many times when I’ve been walking the streets of Paris people watching and admiring the fashion of the city that’s so famous for it. When…