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Thoughts of a Twenty Something

Originally posted on SUPERMAVIC:
Early tonight, i was able to spend some quality and quiet time in our living room. My thoughts scattered. For a couple of seconds, i think i was actually stuck staring at a blank space until the lights from our humble Christmas corner got my stagnant river of thoughts flowing again. Christmas is 14 days away. 2016 is 21 days from today. Seriously, 2015 is almost freaking over? I swear i just wrote my twenty something birthday post last January which is three months ago! Okay. Admittedly, the thought that lingers the most in my stupid brain right now (or like everyfreakingtime i vent about how fast the world spins) is the idea that i am getting a year older. This paranoia, i think has leveled up to the craziest stage. Early today, as for example, i sort of confessed that i already met with this horrible scare of facing the fact that in no time, i’ll turn 30 and then 40. And then. . . My prime is over. My life…

Am I Too Young To Be So Bitter?

Originally posted on Am I Thirty Yet:
A few weeks ago I went to my friend’s graduation. I’m one of those people who tends to cry at everything. I can’t even watch 95% of the commercials they air these days without a box of tissues on hand. So I warned my friend that I’m probably going to tear up at some point during the ceremony. Graduations can be an emotional thing and I just knew one of those speeches was going to get to me. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Sadness was the last thing on my mind. If I was going to tear up, it would have been from laughing so hard. I laughed at most of the speeches. It was either I laugh or scream with rage. Anger. That’s the emotion I felt the most during the graduation ceremony. I graduated from college over four years ago. I owe a ton of money from student loans that I haven’t made a dent in. I am incredibly underemployed. It turns out I am way too…

Life is Really Hard Guys

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Last night I watched the documentary Happy Valley (about Joe Paterno, Jerry Sandusky, and Penn State Football) and was reminded how self-centered and ridiculous human beings can be. A student, who’s a huge fan of Penn State Football, was being interviewed. This student was complaining how hard it’s been to be a Penn State fan since the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Now whenever he tells anyone that he’s a fan he has to go through the process of also stating that he feels bad for the victims. So many boys were sexually assaulted but this dude has to defend his fandom. Life is really hard guys. That example may be a bit extreme when talking about people being self-centered. A less extreme, but just as ridiculous, example was me last night. Coming home from work I realized that my phone kept turning off, restarting, and then turning off again after about a minute. It kept repeating this process. As soon as I got home I called customer service. We…