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Thoughts of a Twenty Something


Early tonight, i was able to spend some quality and quiet time in our living room. My thoughts scattered. For a couple of seconds, i think i was actually stuck staring at a blank space until the lights from our humble Christmas corner got my stagnant river of thoughts flowing again.

Christmas is 14 days away.

2016 is 21 days from today.

Seriously, 2015 is almost freaking over? I swear i just wrote my twenty something birthday post last January which is three months ago!

Okay. Admittedly, the thought that lingers the most in my stupid brain right now (or like everyfreakingtime i vent about how fast the world spins) is the idea that i am getting a year older.

This paranoia, i think has leveled up to the craziest stage. Early today, as for example, i sort of confessed that i already met with this horrible scare of facing…

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