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Why Connect?

Originally posted on PRinspires:
One of Project Reverso, Inc.’s tenets is Connecting Communities, and sometimes we’re reminded of the importance of making a concerted effort to do so. But at times it can be difficult to find real-life ways to connect with others from other communities. Over the last few years I’ve personally made a commitment to be as uncomfortable as possible by stepping outside of the comforts of my own cultural status quo. By going on multiple service trips abroad to intentionally reaching out to persons in the LGBTQ community to become friends I’ve gained perspectives that I would have otherwise never had. This summer and fall semester I took the opportunity to host two English learning foreign exchange students; one this summer from Colombia and this fall from Japan.  Under what other circumstances would I have the opportunity to live with individuals from cultures and communities that are polar opposites from that in which I grew up in? One student even admitted to being afraid once he realized that I wasn’t a white male…

Açaí Berry Ice Cream (no dairy + refined sugar free!)

Originally posted on Hello Honey Blog:
Summer is arriving in Cape Town (yeahyeahyeaaah!) and I couldn’t be happier. I am done with rainy, grey days and cold weather. Take away my pale, untanned skin and cold hands! Give me all of the sun, clear blue skies, beaches and ice cream! I pulled this recipe together in anticipation of the soon-to-be sunny, hotter weather. It’s a super easy recipe, only takes 5 minutes to make and BEST of all, it’s on the healthy side. Made with beautiful tarte berries and a little bit of açaí (ahh-sah-ee) powder for a rich, dark chocolatey flavour. Ingredients: 250g frozen mixed berries 1-2 frozen bananas (1 if you want less carbs, 2 if you want to bulk up the recipe.) 60ml almond milk, unsweetened 2T açaí berry powder Method: Place the frozen mixed berries, banana, almond milk and açaí powder in a food processor and blend on high until a thick liquid mixture has formed. If the berries and banana aren’t easily blending, add in a little more almond milk…

Day Fifty-Two to -Five: Val di Sole 

Originally posted on Chasing James:
Since Salzburg on Sunday I have gone back to Innsbruck where I met up with my dads friend to go to Val di Sole in Italy for the UCI Mountain Bike World Champs. So here I am, in Italy, getting to see the best riders in the world go at it this weekend. So from the beginning.? Having spent a night in Salzburg I was satisfied with what I had seen (it’s smaller than it might look and super super touristy with the whole sound of music thing going on) and decided that moving on was needed. Furthermore it was raining. So after organizing my lift to Val di Sole I booked a train back to Innsbruck where I would stay in the same hostel as last week. In Innsbruck not much happened (I had already stayed there for four nights so I had been there done that already. It was also raining. Yay me. I did however meet four Canadian fellas that happened to be good company and we…