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Monster (Almost) In-Law

Originally posted on Confessions of 2 broke girls:
For all of you single people out there, if you’re down in the dumps wishing you had someone to cuddle up with as the cooler weather approaches, I have found your silver-lining (you can thank me later.) I’ve been dating David for almost four years now and in that time I have seen all sides of him: the good, the bad, and the hungover-morning-breath-ugly. Don’t get me wrong, I love having someone who will buy me food when I have negative $7.23 in my bank account and love me when I haven’t showered in days. BUT there is one thing that I wish desperately I didn’t have to deal with when it comes to my boyfriend… His mother. Like all mothers, Carla loves her son with her whole heart and although she may never say it aloud, she probably doesn’t think I’m good enough for her little boy. She probably doesn’t love the fact that I side with her daughter in their petty arguments about hair color and…