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Top 7 Disney Park Tips! 

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I’ve been thinking about this post for what seems like forever now and am so excited to finally be sharing it! I’m sure I’ll be back with more because we all know I’ll post this and immediately think of another tip… Anyways! Let’s get real, Nick and I love Disney! We always have. We both loved it when we were younger and together, the love has just grown more! Disneyland was one of the first big trips Nick and I ever took together and then Disneyworld was the first really big trip we took together! We always have the best time and now we still pinch ourselves that we live so close! And no, we don’t get sick of it! If anything, it makes it better in my opinion because on days where its just so crazy and we don’t feel like waiting in line, we don’t have to! We can enjoy what we want and then go somewhere else! No stress of super long days! I’ve…

Ready for Fall and 10 Strength Training Moves for Runners

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8 miles before 7 am with some gorgeous cloud cover. My legs were feeling so good too! I think it had something to do with the awesome cool breeze we’ve been experiencing lately. I’m seriously counting down the days for the arrival of glorious fall. So along with marathon training as most of you know maintaining some sort of strength training regimen is vital. I try to lift weights 2-3 times a week along with my marathon training schedule. Bodyweight exercises for runners are also really helpful. This gets me out on the roads feeling stronger and definitely more powerful. Working different muscle groups and keeping your body shocked for me I think is so important and will help you get further in the long run. (pun intended) Click on the links to get a description of each. (source- Pop Sugar Fitness) 1. Squats – my absolute favorites are goblet squats 2. Walking lunges 3. Shoulder presses 4. Tricep dips 5. Bicep curls 6. Plank/side planks 7. Deadlifts 8. Wall sits 9.…

6 Most Valuable Life Lessons I’ve Learned

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Disclaimer: Some of these are fact. Some are conclusions I’ve reached that I believe to be true. Take these- as I hope you take everything- with a grain of salt. God is in control I am not the center of the universe You will never truly know the mind of another, but never stop trying to empathize Listen. To other people. To wisdom. To opposing viewpoints. To your own mind Keep your head in the clouds but don’t forget about where your feet are Think deeply. Form your own opinions. Research. Never be content to mindlessly follow others Just briefly, I’d like to elaborate on point number 6. We feel comfortable when we fit in. Often, we’re so caught up in doing what everyone else is doing that we forget to ask “why are we doing this?” One thing I’d like to see more in America is people asking why. The first thing we need to do is question things (the tax system, vaccinations, or the quality of McDonald’s food, for…

The A-Z (or Y) of a Book Lover’s Glossary

Who else agrees with me on this? That no matter where we are, it will always feel like we have been transported to a new destination whenever we pick up a book to read. I feel that way all the time when I had my nose buried between the pages of a book. Carlos Ruiz Zafon took me to the olden days of Barcelona. Cathy Kelly brought me through the streets of Ireland. Elif Shafak was my tour guide in Turkey and Istanbul. And now, Jimmy Carter is wading through the murky waters with me in Georgia, Philadelphia, and Florida. Even though I was never physically there in those places. That’s it, feel the gentle bookish breeze stroking your mind and stoking your imagination. In the meantime, all this reading and bookish fever have prompted within me to draw up a glossary list (with a short caption for each letter) that most (and many) readers can relate to, although these alphabetical terms are more personal to me than to the masses: A – Adventure New travel …

Write Everyday

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Inspiration and time are the two major writing blocks that I seem to be experiencing lately. Even as I type “time” I think to myself, “If it’s important, you make time.” I know! But after staring at a computer screen for 8+ hours a day, the last thing I want to do when I get home from work, is continue to stare a computer screen. And then when I write on actual pen and paper, I have to then transfer that to the computer. And that almost never happens. Because then I am forced to confront my writing again. And quite often the feelings that I was writing about. So, I have a list of prompts that I think I will genuinely enjoy writing about. I’m not going to promise that they will be written about every day. I’m not going to promise that they will be in order. I am definitely not going to promise that all of them are going to be posted to this blog.…

Sort It Out: Creating A Capsule Wardrobe

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Wardrobes can be frightening places if we let them. Sure, they’re just there to store your clothes, shoes, hats etc. But let’s be real, they’re so much more. Your wardrobe is the place you go first thing in the morning to choose what image you’re going to put out to the world. It’s the place where you know you’re comfy pj’s are waiting at the end of the long day. Or THAT dress when you’re getting ready to hit the town. Your wardrobe is – like your home and all of your possessions really – a reflection of how you view yourself. And at times we can look at our wardrobes with feelings of shame,disgust and – my personal favorite – crippling indecisiveness (this happens to me about once a month, ladies, you know). So what has my wardrobe been reflecting lately? Well, until recently, if you looked at my wardrobe, Brenda Fricker in Home Alone 2 probably would have sprung to mind. When I got home after New…

Exit: Stage Fright.

This topic is old news to me, considering how many times I have been called up for a presentation and when I go to give the presentation I clam up. I know I will never be able to avoid or run away from presentations, but it’s still one of my biggest fears. As big as my cockroach phobia and the idea of paranormal beings. If you have ever felt your heart beating so loud like a big bass drum, your brain and mouth suddenly going AWOL, and what feels like butterflies fluttering around in your stomach, then this is probably a typical scenario for you when it comes to presentations. Yours truly isn’t a fan of presentations. I abhor them. I detest them. I dislike them. I hate them. The idea of doing anything in front of an audience is not attractive to me. I suppose you could say that I’ve never been trained nor taught the proper way of stage performance. Not even when I used to play the piano. At the end of each …

The Reality of Freelance Writing

I guess I’m living the dream right now. After I left my boring office job four months ago,  I’ve been spending my time travelling the world. I’ve been to Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Mexico and Amsterdam and am currently planning a trip to Romania and another trip from New York to California. This is what I have wanted to do ever since I can remember, and I now have the perfect job to go alongside it. I don’t have to choose between this job and travelling because I can work whilst travelling.

How to Choose the Perfect Travel Buddy

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Solo travel isn’t for everyone and sharing the experience with a friend can bring you closer together and leave you with long lasting memories… or it can be a total nightmare. I’ve travelled with a few different people over the past few years and here is my guide to ensuring you have the perfect travel partner. Budget: If you both have similar budgets it will be a lot easier to choose places to eat, accommodation types and activities. For example if you’re on a tight budget then you’ll obviously be staying in cheap hostels and seeking out cheap meals and free or cheap activities. However, if your travel buddy has tons cash to splash, then it’s going to be awkward when they really want to do something that you can’t afford. Sleep: I like to sleep in and generally when I’m travelling I still like to sleep in a little bit, especially if I’m out late. If you like to sleep for half the day and your travel bud…

10 Highly Recommended Conferences for Young Entrepreneurs in 2016

There are many events geared towards entrepreneurs that take place throughout each year. Here are 10 events worth looking into in 2016.