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It’s Not Because I’m Young

I’m a bleeding heart liberal in the heart of Texas. Typically I try to avoid serious political discussions, but sometimes they find me. Last week, I got much more combative than I normally do. Despite what the other person thinks, politics are not something I’ll “understand when I’m older.” I banter about political stuff with the older teacher next door to me all the time. It’s lighthearted, fun, and we are still friends despite being on polar opposite ends of the spectrum. The other day, another teacher joined in our banter. Within minutes, she had begun insulting me.

On The Day I Quit Teaching

Originally posted on Adventures in Verdance:
The day came and went without me even realizing it.  A year had passed since I quit substitute teaching. If you go back and read this post, it paints a rather rosy picture of me quitting my day job to pursue a dream. In fact, what really happened wasn’t as rosy. I was cornered in a parking lot by a group of angry teenagers (because I’d told their teacher how they’d behaved when I subbed for them the day before). I was afraid for my life, quit my job without notice, and scrambled to make a complete career change in a very small amount of time. I was terrified. At the time, I kept it from the blog because I didn’t want anyone to talk to me about it. I felt ashamed that I couldn’t stand up for myself. I was worried that the kids would find me through social media. I was constantly making/taking calls from cops, administrators, and angry teachers that I’d bailed on because I was too afraid to…

I’m Thinking, I’m trying, I can handle it.

Originally posted on Enigma:
if all my teachers taught all their lessons sarcastically with tons of humour added, I’d learn so much more, I’m trying really hard today after all of yesterday’s shit, I’m not giving up, I’m trying, I’m listening to so much of suli that I’m now laughing :’) and my emotion’s are coming back, and my attitude and persona, I’m not giving in and I will not give up, I will try hard, at life, at school, at mosque, because I won’t let my breakdowns stop me from being me, 🙂