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From Surviving to Thriving: Where Millennials Are Spending Money

Originally posted on BridgeWorks:
Striking a balance between spending money on things we want vs. saving and planning for the things we need is something that most Millennials (nay, all generations) on planet earth struggle with. We want both. The practical: a reliable and semi-presentable car, a roof over our heads, but also keep the fridge impractically stocked with expensive ingredients for meals worthy of Food & Wine Magazine. As we’ve navigated financially trying times, our more sensible side kept us in check, sternly scolding our fun n’ frivolous self into investing regularly in a savings account with a roomy cushion to bail ourselves out of unforeseen expenses – like when our “reliable” car’s shoddy transmission goes out. Though careful spending will always be a worthy goal, many Millennials have started to shift away from simply surviving to thriving – both professionally and financially. We are now a major part of the workforce. According to a Pew Research article, for the first time ever, the number of Millennials is officially outpacing the number of Gen Xers in the workforce. We’re also…