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G.U.M Giveaway

This month we’re doing fandom mini-lantern giveaways. This week three lucky winners will receive a free Harry Potter themed mini-lantern. How to enter: Each follow or like on social media is an entry. If you’re already following, you already have an entry! Like us on Facebook and/or Pinterest for one entry, follow us on WordPress and/or Tumblr for two, and like our Etsy shop for three! Click the links below and treat yo’ self! Have an Etsy shop? Send your information to and we’ll mention you on our WordPress! G.U.M Team

GUM Shop: New Additions

After opening, revamping, and reopening the shop I am happy to say we are back in business! Last week a few items were posted. So far we’ve only added fun plant pots…                 and pastel chalk jars! Check out the shop today around 4:00p for more items. We’re adding dyed jars and more! All items can be customized. If you have any questions feel free to email us at G.U.M Team

G.U.M. Shop: Open for Business on Etsy

The shop is up and officially open for business on Etsy. We’re selling all sorts of items, mason jars, candles, 90s themed items, and mugs and they’re all customizable. Check back all week for new products and giveaways! Have a shop too? Feel free to share your shop info below or send it to I’ll share it on all of our social media. G.U.M Team

Prioritizing Then & Balancing Now

There are two specific times in my life that I realized how important it was for me to prioritize: spring semester senior year and now (one year after graduating). Senior Year: Spring Semester For the record, I’ve always done my best to prioritize, but senior year spring semester my skills were put to the test. Being an active member of my college community (which meant being over involved) I had to cut back in order to focus on postgraduate plans. One afternoon I received a call from an individual that had the audacity to lecture me over my choice to work on a group project and future endeavors versus participating in an event for an extracurricular activity. I used logic to prioritize the circumstance. I chose to attend college to get a degree, the extracurricular activities were a perk that would not make or break (emphasis on break) my ability to get a job. I didn’t pay $160k for extracurriculars. My priorities, in order, were my education, internships, anything related to film/TV (due to my career choice), and …

15 Thrift Shopping Tips

Given that our shops motto is to reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as possible, we practically LIVE in thrift shops. For those of you interested in doing your own projects at an eco-friendly and affordable price, here are a few tips: 1. EXPLORE SHOPS in your area. It can be easy to fall in love with a shop, but don’t miss out on other shops that may offer great items for a cheaper (or the same) price. Considering checking out one new thrift shop each week or tackling a cluster in one weekend.  It took me four weeks to find one of my (now) top 3 shops! Don’t be like me. Do better. 2. THRIFT ON VACATION You never know what you’ll find when you venture to a different area. Hit up a few thrift stores while on vacation. Enjoy your vacation, but set aside one morning to go to a thrift store or two. I’ll be doing this when I go home to NC in a few days. I’ll be sure to post …

Seriously…Stop Being Lazy

Through the years I’ve had many friends ask me how I managed to accomplish (insert accomplishment). For example, I once compiled a list of favorite directors and producers, followed by a list of companies throughout LA. For each company I wrote down their number, email, point of contact (if there was someone designated), and their location. When internship season arrived… Internship season is the period in which one should start applying for internships. This should take place the season before you wish to partake in an internship. For example, if you intend to intern in the fall, you should start applying/looking the summer before, if not SOONER. When internship season arrived, I called around and inquired about when companies would start accepting applications, who I should email, and what I should send. I also looked up tips on questions to ask and how to greet each person I spoke to. Why am I telling you this? Well, many of my friends were impressed by this. There were many adults who were amazed by this initiative …

5 Signs That You Are an Anti-Hipster

FOR THE RECORD: The anti in anti-hipster is pronounced like an-tee. If you pronounce it an-tie most people will think you hate hipsters. Unless you do hate them, in which case, do whatever you want. As for the antee-hipsters. Here are the signs: 1. YOU POSSESS A “NERDY” CHARACTERISTIC. Just because.   In my case, this would be my preference to stay in and read a good book while drinking tea. Thus the reason I have a books & tea pinterest board. 2. YOU’RE USED TO PEOPLE CALLING YOU WEIRD, and you don’t give a damn. Since high school, and I couldn’t care less. 3. YOU STOPPED TRYING TO BE COOL YEARS AGO. Either you were “over it” or didn’t care to keep up. I couldn’t keep up, so I decided to do #4. 4. YOU DO WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT, because you can. It’s like I always say, “Be yourself. Unless you suck. Then change, but still be yourself.” 5. YOU ARE NEVER AHEAD OF THE TIMES, but sometimes they catch up with you. This …