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I Attempted To Vlog!? // New Video

Originally posted on ISOBEL FRANCES:
Hi everyone! Long time no speak! I hope you are well and enjoying the end of the summer holidays if you’re a student like myself. I for one, am excited and a half about autumn/winter (starting year 13? not so much) Anyway, the reason I’ve been absent over the past few days is because I travelled up to Reading (all by myself, how brave of me) to stay with my sister for the weekend. She goes to uni there and so I went up to stay in her new house! We had a super fun weekend and I actually vlogged one of the days where we went shopping, ate out for lunch and spent the evening watching films. Sorry if I seem a bit awkward throughout the video – I feel really weird filming in front of people and especially in public so I may have seemed a bit quiet etc. I hope you enjoy the video anyway! Daily vlogging is definitely something I’d love to get better at so hopefully…

Why I Write, A Vlog

Originally posted on Rebecca L Weir:
I thought I would share with you all about why I like to write. It’s pretty hard to articulate, but I tried my best. If you write, why do you write? If you would like to write, what’s stopping you? Do you have any questions? I’d love to help.