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What Makes a Woman Confident?

Originally posted on Sex and Living with Your Parents:
I feel as though this is a popular topic to discuss. The topic of confidence. I don’t speak to men, when it comes to matters of confidence – Ladies, I’m telling you – They have enough. Men, men, are so flipping confident these days. I tell you, I’ve never met a single male, anywhere, that hasn’t told me what to do. They tell me what I should be doing with my time. Of course, I shouldn’t be wasting so much time, worrying about my student loans – But I do. It’s all I can think about. I go hard, get what’s mine, take what’s mine. I work hard these days, and I must tell you, confess to you, ladies – My confidence is directly related to my money. These days, I feel a lot of pep in my step. I’ve bolstered up my student loan payments, and I feel good. Actually, I feel great. I’ve traded in my butter knife for a tomahawk, and I’m literally…

The Confident Introvert 

Originally posted on Lotus Lessons:
An introvert to some, are people who are shy, keep to themselves, don’t enjoy the company of others, and boring… I consider myself to be one but I don’t think I’m any of those things. I like to stay quiet unless I have something useful to say. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on things if I can’t or don’t want to be there because I prefer my own company. I like to be in smaller groups compared to crowds.  I would be considered someone who likes to stay in the audience rather than be the entertainer. I do get shy and I do have a fear of judgement. So why do I blog? Why do I put myself out there, not just on here but moments in real life as well? I think it’s terrifying but it’s necessary. Every time I hit the publish button, I get a rush of fear and adrenaline. Why am I torturing the normally quiet, content me with exposing my thoughts to the…