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Sort It Out: Creating A Capsule Wardrobe

Originally posted on A Venturing Girl:
Wardrobes can be frightening places if we let them. Sure, they’re just there to store your clothes, shoes, hats etc. But let’s be real, they’re so much more. Your wardrobe is the place you go first thing in the morning to choose what image you’re going to put out to the world. It’s the place where you know you’re comfy pj’s are waiting at the end of the long day. Or THAT dress when you’re getting ready to hit the town. Your wardrobe is – like your home and all of your possessions really – a reflection of how you view yourself. And at times we can look at our wardrobes with feelings of shame,disgust and – my personal favorite – crippling indecisiveness (this happens to me about once a month, ladies, you know). So what has my wardrobe been reflecting lately? Well, until recently, if you looked at my wardrobe, Brenda Fricker in Home Alone 2 probably would have sprung to mind. When I got home after New…

How to be a Productive Millennial

Originally posted on brave turquoise:
Entire seasons of TV shows being available on Netflix make it easier than ever to waste an entire Saturday. Checking e-mail and watching all of your friends’ Snapchat posts provide hours of entertainment. Boozy brunches and day parties can instantly ruin an entire weekend that was supposed to be dedicated to productivity. So how can you be a productive 20- to 30-something in today’s world? I am the queen of doing-too-much but I get THE most done throughout the week. At school I am president of the Black Graduate Student Association, planned a 50-person weekend ski trip this year, am involved in the Toastmasters public speaking group, travel to conferences for fun and for school, travel to visit family, and develop and teach coding camps to high school girls all while be productive on school work. My secret? Being organized. Google Calendar is my BFF. SHORT TERM: At the beginning of each day, I write on a sticky note (or sometimes am lazy/can’t find one and write in Notepad) the…

Managing Clutter Magnet Spaces

Originally posted on Minimal Millennial:
Clutter magnet spaces. You know what I’m talking about – the table next to the door, that part of the kitchen counter, your nightstand. The places where clutter sets up camp. For me and my husband, I’m a bit ashamed to admit, all of the flat surfaces in our apartment are magnet spaces. It’s not for lack of storage or even an excess of stuff that really causes the clutter buildup. It’s mainly a bad habit that we’re constantly fighting against. Every. Day. And when the table isn’t clear or there are clothes on the bed, I get distracted and stressed out. When my desk is most cluttered, I even question why I’m talking about minimalism (despite how far I’ve come these past three years). Why does stuff appear there? Our routine includes a thorough apartment-cleaning each weekend so that we can have a fresh start to the week. Everything goes back to its proper place and we breathe easier knowing that everything is where it should be. So why,…