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That Best Friend Who Never Gives Up

Originally posted on Toast and Tea:
To my best friend who woke me up with this sketch she made for me: We have been very busy recently, but you never fail to surprise me. You have no idea how much happiness you have caused me when I saw this picture. I have been at my lowest state these past few days, and even when we’re five thousand miles apart, you still make sure you’re here for me (virtually). I have been having crappy days, and you always know when I need you. It’s like you can detect my sadness even when I don’t tell you. I hope you’re keeping this sketch you made for me because I’ll be asking for it when we meet again. I am very proud of you, and I miss and love you terribly. Thank you for everything. Thank you for staying with me even at times I am pushing you away. Thank you for being so understanding, and for forgiving me every time I make you feel like I am neglecting our…