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Upcoming Film – Everest (2015)

Originally posted on Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys):
Jake Gyllenhaal is just one of many Hollywood stars bracing the cold in Everest By Jordan and Eddie on 15/09/2015 It feels like sometime since we were last treated to an out and out adventure/survival film, a sub-genre that once ruled our cinema screens with memorable tales like the Poseidon Adventure and The Towering Inferno, and while players like Roland Emmerich with his 2012’s and Days After Tomorrows provide the fun and some popcorn visuals and the Rock brings his likeability to events like this year’s San Andreas, it’s been sometime since we’ve had a true classic. Enter Everest. Released in cinema screens this week the world over, Baltasar Kormákur’s seemingly visually stunning film with a star studded cast could just be the event film we’ve been longing for, whether we knew it or not. It’s safe to say we here at Jordan and Eddie are looking forward to catching Everest in the coming days on the biggest screen available to us, and below are a couple…