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Day 39: Upper Back Pain and Continual Headache

Originally posted on Mission Trimpossible:
For the second night in a row, I passed out on my futon. When I woke up, my neck was killing me. 12 hours later, it’s still bothering me. In fact, it’s so sore that I’d willingly drop $70-$100 for a professional massage. I tried a hot shower, I tried yoga, I even tried neck massages. They helped a little, but my entire neck is still full of knots. I tried a variation of yoga videos today. I was having a hard time getting into them. This Yoga for Neck Relief was interesting, but I couldn’t relax. It was a “silent” yoga theme, so i had to constantly stop and look at the video to find out what I was doing next. It was a bit of a disappointment. I started the yoga for headaches video, but my allergies were having none of it. Finally I settled on this yoga for upper back video. It did help somewhat, but didn’t focus exclusively on my neck. I probably should have just…