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Maybe I’m A Selfish Bitch, But My Mom Still Loves Me

Originally posted on Est. 1989:
I wanted to share a story about something that happened in my family back in 2011. This is story about a time when I felt like I wasn’t considered enough but I should be. This was written as a stream of consciousness. So I hope it makes sense.? In December 2011 a bunch of my family got together at my grandparents’ house for Xmas. This is my mom’s side of the family. At the time I was one semester away from graduating college with my BA. Something that no one else in my family has ever done. I worked hard, albeit not as hard as I could have because I was actually on my 5th year instead of 4th, but I still felt like I was about to accomplish something that was actually worthy of praise for once.? Meanwhile, my 18 year old cousin had a (surprise) baby in October. This would be the first time my mom would be meeting this baby, as well as the first time for some…