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Unlocking the Secrets Behind Empathy

Originally posted on Weird and Wonderful:
Weird And Wonderful would love to explore the secrets of Empathy. I feel this is an ultimately important experience to write about, particularly when empathy is such a challenge for most individuals. This lead me to discover why and what part of the brain unlocks Empathy. The most amazing thing about empathy is being able to see the other person’s point of view. Being able to challenge the mind and feel those feelings – having the ability to come out with a reasonable and sound judgement or solution to the problem the other person is having. Are we trained as humans to be empathetic? I feel we are. It is not an easy emotion to have. The ones who are overly Empathetic can find it hard to actually be able to detach themselves from situations – especially when they have unleashed that part of their mind. I feel we can help one another out with this but I do think it is not a gift. I would love to…