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Don’t Hard Sell Us! Millennials Need Light Touch Advertising

Originally posted on iWhatever:
I hate being conned into buying a brand. As a person, I’ve always been influenced by others but only when they aren’t actually attempting to sell me. That’s a sentiment I’ve heard over and over again from individuals my age and now that I’ve begun talking extensively about sponsorships and partnerships with prominent Instagrammers, I’ve finally begun to understand how we think and how products are sold to us. Coincidentally, Forbes and Inc have penned articles attempting to explain some scientific research done by Elite Daily. I’m not entirely sure when Elite Daily got into the research business, but I guess that’s a thing…. So in the name of Elite Daily and its supposed research, I guess we’ve discovered that millennials don’t like the hard sell! Not that I needed anyone to tell me that. It’s also been calculated that we do have brand loyalty, contrary to the thinking that’s radiated around the advertising world. We just don’t think long commercials during our Hulu binges are necessary. According to Forbes, we…

Why Can’t I Social Media?

Originally posted on BigTAnderson in Portland:
So obviously as part of the millennials I should be very proficient handling myself on all the little social sites. When in truth I have the skill on these sites equivalent to a stack of pancakes. I barely update status, tweeting is absurd to me and Instagram is still just a very fast measure of weight. I know how to use it and apply it towards businesses and how to advertise. Studied that and really learned how to get the hooks in in any possibly imagined. I just do not feel like using all of it for this blog. Doing advertising for this blog like I would a hardcore business position would just make it feel hollow. Over time I kinda learned I do not need people on here ever day I just want people to grow and I want to keep myself honest on my projects. Maybe, I can even do an opinion piece or tell a story. It has been slow as of late and as much…

825experience | Meghan Bailey

My name is Meghan, and I am constantly battling the millennial stigma. I am 100% self-taught and damn proud of it. I started marketing and branding in 2005, Social Media was just starting to take off and I was hooked. I’ve made it my mission to make executives realize the times are not changing, they have changed, and if they want to be on top they need a millennial at the helm. I am a firm believer in connecting with your community, learning something new every day, and shaking off a bad day with a glass of Pinot Noir. I started 825experience because I wanted an place to share my thoughts, tips, and tricks…plus it was better than continuing to smack my head when I saw businesses going about something the wrong way.

What It’s (REALLY) Like to Crowdfund

Originally posted on The Motivated Millennial: I’m really good at crowdfunding (for other people). My current success rate for my clients is 100%; a homerun stat encompassing projects in a variety of industries and stage of development. I’ve written multiple articles advising fellow entrepreneurs on how to pitch the “perfect” campaign including, “5 Tips for a Successful Crowdfund Campaign” (YFS Magazine, 2014) and “3 Reasons Every Startup Should Crowdfund” (The Rouse, 2014). Up until last month, crowdfunding was the only marketing service I offer that I had not applied in my own businesses.  Social media, public relations, start-up marketing, grand openings, company rebrands were all skills I first experienced within my own investments; crowdfunding just followed as a well-rewarded necessity.  I’ve learned a lot running a crowdfund for my own business, and have newfound respect for my crowdfunded clients who stuck out the agonizing weeks of a campaign. Here are four “beyond the textbook”, “walk a mile in their shoes”, “revelations” I had crowdfunding for my business: Laymen’s Terms Please! Read more…