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My Top 10 BookNerd Problems

Originally posted on Metal and the Geek:
When you are an avid reader, there are some things that regular people will say or do that will just get under your skin. Then there are just somethings that come with the territory of being a booknerd. Here are my top ten booknerd problems. Are you ready for this? I am! 1. When you are reading, and someone asks “What are you reading?”  Take note here, If I am reading a physical copy of a book, do NOT ask me what I am reading, just read the damn cover and then google it. If I am reading on my Kindle, do NOT ask me what I am reading, for the simple reason that it is fucking annoying!! Wait until I put it away and then ask. If you’re not even a reader, don’t ask me just to make small talk. I hate small talk. Just go away honestly. 2. When people say they’ve watched the movie, and don’t need to read the book.  This might be my…

A Day at the Indiana State Fair 2015

Originally posted on The Farm on the Hill:
A visit to the State Fair….I don’t think there is a more iconic mid-western summer image than that of kids at the fair.  I was a ten year member of 4-H and even was able to show my grand champion gilt (that’s a female pig that hasn’t had piglets) one year at the State Fair.  I was also able to represent my county in the Indiana State Fair Queen Pageant. However, I hadn’t been to the State Fair in a while.  Actually, this was my first visit as an adult.  Normally, I’m in school when the fair is going on, but luckily now that I’m staying home, I get to take my kids to things like this…on a weekday.  (Insert happy dance!)  The fair is still going on through August 23, 2015.  While we didn’t get to do everything that I wanted since we missed nap time and had a cranky girl, I did get to see a lot and here are my thoughts if you are…