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Review of Game of Thrones Series 5 (Spoiler alert)

Originally posted on The David and Christina Show:
Life is full of dramas, just this morning my blinds fell down suddenly and it looks like i have to get them up and down manually without the pull down thingy which should be fine but what a pain in the backside LOL. Time changes rapidly and brand new faces come into the scene and shocking moments occur, a bit like the latest series in fact. But what about the main characters and their journeys. Tyrion Lanniester  After killing his father Tywin with a crossbow, Tyrion had to escape somewhere to find peace and enter a new adventure. Thinking his was going to be stuck at Pentos, Vars suggested finding the one true heir to the seven kingdoms, Danerys. That would mean though being stuck inside a “f###ing box” for a while as Tyrion puts it, got to love his humor though. After entering a brothel on the way, Tyrion was kidnapped by the lonely Jonah Mormont who was to give Tyrion to Danerys as a gift.…