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29 in 29: Life Lessons and Self-Discovery

The questioning, the learning, the mistakes, the discovery and frustrations—It has been a wild ride so far, guys! But many, many life lessons later, I can wholeheartedly say I have never felt more comfortable being who I am today.I wake up excited to get my breakfast on! Well, that, and to experience what each day has to offer: to continue to learn something new, to be inspired, and to experience the awe that this amazing life has to give. I recently turned the big 2-9. I know! I’m still trying to wrap my brain around that one. So in celebration of my last year in my 20’s, here are 29 Life Lessons that I’ve learned thus far: 1. Learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Risks are where magic sparks, y’all. 2. Laugh. Play. Be … Love, love, love! 3. Be patient with yourself. All the quirks, the uncertainties, the aspects that make you different; they’ll come together, support you, and may even become your biggest asset. 4. No matter how many times you may …

Guide to Relocation: Transporting Your Car

My original plan to move to LA (two years ago) involved driving across the country. That plan was quickly shut down and I ended up having to transport my car. Driving would’ve been cheaper, but unfortunately that wasn’t an option. I didn’t know where to start. Naturally, I jumped on Google and researched away. Here are a few things I learned: 1. To quote or not to quote? The upside to getting a quote is that it will give you an estimate for the fees. The downside is that one year later (no joke) you may still receive the occasional quote from a company you looked into. How can you get a quote and avoid the spam emails? I advise calling different companies. Typically they’ll get back to you via phone. Or if they email you it comes from a person and not an automated system. Also, the “quote” is an ESTIMATE. The price is not guaranteed. Typically the company has the find a driver and then see if they will agree upon the price. …

Leaving Goggles

I’m leaving my job. That’s right folks; after over a year and a half of working full time in my kooky little call center, I am leaving to travel and follow my dreams of being paid to write. It’s exciting, it’s terrifying and there is a very real chance I will end up extremely poor and never be able to move out of my parents flat. It’s even more of a daunting prospect because this is the only thing I have done since graduating. I literally left university on the last day of June two years ago and started working here on the first day of July. I didn’t take a break or a summer off, this is literally all I know of the adult world. I always planned to leave; in fact I had no idea I would be here this long. The plan was to save enough money to go traveling before settling down into ‘adult’ life. Initially I naively thought that would take about six months. I kept postponing leaving partly because I didn’t have enough money to …

My Early Quarter Life Crisis

How old do you have to be to have a quarter life crisis? Is it possible to have a quarter life crisis when you’re not even in the quarter of you life? What can you do to make sure that when you are ready to move onto the next stage of your life you won’t regret not doing more?

Just Another Millennial Living with her Parents | Angela Madera

Angela Madera is a writer and blogger living in Chicago, IL. She moved back in with her parents of her own accord at the age of 27, and it was in that moment that Angela decided to pursue the career she had always wanted to pursue – writing. Currently, Angela enjoys writing topical commentary for her blog, and contributes material for Elite Daily and You Queen.

Who You Were Before You Lost Your Innocence

Originally posted on Rosie Culture:
Losing your innocence is just a side effect of growing up. There’s no one certain thing that causes it. It doesn’t automatically go away when you turn 13 or when you lose your virginity or when you get dumped for the first time. It all varies from person to person, from age to age, from experience to experience. And it fades out slowly. When I was around 11 years old I asked my mom why everyone had cancer all of a sudden. She told me cancer has always been around, I was just realizing it now. That’s a very specific moment when I can remember something changing inside of my brain. Looking back now, can you really pinpoint the moment you stopped being naive and started getting real? Probably not. You have to reach the point in your life when you look back and realize you’ve changed. Because change isn’t something you see until you’re so different you don’t recognize yourself anymore. Your old memories barely belong to you. I’m…

How to Know You’re Getting Old in 8 Ways

Originally posted on How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways:
Obviously, I know, that at age 25 I am not old. I have a lot of life left and to fret about being old this early in the game is stupid. But sometimes I just look at things and think, “Oh God, am I getting old? I would never do that.” I can just feel the aging in moments like that.?Oh maybe that’s what they call maturing?! Maybe I am finally maturing! Wow, now I feel so fancy after that realization. Okay, so for the purpose of this post we’re going to stick with the idea that I’m getting old… 1. Talking in the movie theater The boyfriend and I went to see a movie a little bit ago, and the theater was pretty empty except for this group of teens and a few couples sprinkled throughout. Those kids had something to say at EVERY damn scene! I mean, when I was a kid, yeah, I liked to talk to my friends during the movie,…

Black British Girlhood

Originally posted on BLK GRRRL BOOK FAIR:
Art by Pearl Ivy Some of BlkGrrrl’s favorite voices on the African Diaspora are from the United Kingdom. While their size compared to the white population in the UK is smaller than in the United States, their perspective offers a diverse look of the Black experience outside the continent of Africa. In many ways it seems that the Black British Grrrl experience is more diverse in the UK than in the US. Today we’re looking at the summer London exhibit Black British Girlhood. The curator of the event is Bekke Popoola who in an article in IC3 magazine describes herself as, “Almost British, almost Nigerian.” ?Popoola is a graphic artist who was born-and-raised in East London. Bekke Popoola: What inspired the name of the exhibit Black British Girlhood? #BlkGrrrl: It was inspired by a friend called Deborah aka DJ Pepper-Coast posting her diary on Tumblr from when she was 8-years-old. Sparked a lot of nostalgia and I came up with the name Black British Girlhood.?Me, Olivia and Kariima…

How Do I Grown Up | Becca Wadlington

I’m one of those people who’s been called an old soul for most of my life. Did I use the word “frankly” in my interview for kindergarten? Yes. Did I ask for a subscription to NewsWeek for my 17th birthday? Sure. Beyond the old-souliness though, I’m a child. My favorite game is “name of your sex tape,” I am always game for ice cream and I never fail to laugh at poop stories. In short, I guess I’m just a childish old person wearing a 26-year-old-costume.