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Organized Lunacy | Charmaine Belonio

My name is Charmaine Belonio and I write under the pen name Luna Darcy. People often ask why Luna Darcy. So let me tell you why. Luna came from Luna Lovegood, who’s my favorite character from the Harry Potter series. I can identify with her personality and character and I feel like I’m almost always like her. Darcy, because I’ve been in love with Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. I was desperate to be a Mrs. Darcy (peace Lizzie!) so I decided I’ll use his last name to make my dream come true even if it’s just in my own world.

O So Vogue | Kat Sladic

Hi! My name is Kat Sladic and I made this blog to inspire and help people out all over the world by giving simple and easy tips about beauty and fashion, to get yourself looking great, fuss-free.  I also wanted to share some of my lifestyle, which includes staying healthy, recipe ideas and places I’ve traveled! As it’s been described before, O so Vogue has a bit of everything for everyone!