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It’s A Party, It’s A Party, It’s A Party!

Originally posted on Polished by Amy:
Hi loves! Today is my birthday!! I’m finally 23 and I cannot believe time is going by so quickly! The fact that it’s already time for another birthday is blowing my mind. It’s also making me reflect on this past year of being 22 and how much I’ve grown. This entire year has created major growth in my life both personally and professionally. I have done a lot more soul searching and have become completely confident in the person that I am. I know that is something that many twenty-somethings struggle with. I have found my confidence, spirituality, career goals, and life goals. I am no longer that young girl trying to find my way, and that feels liberating.?I wanted to share somewhat of a “highlight reel” of the past year to celebrate new and even better things to come with being 23! Landed my first ever publication is a magazine! I had my work published in the print and digital edition of Nail Pro Magazine and Nails Magazine…