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Ralph asked me out today – 15th February 1998

Originally posted on If Destroyed Still True:
Sunday 15thWe got up at about 7:00am and got ready in our ski gear and went for brekkie at 8:00am. We had bread rolls and jam and tea and coffee and stuff. Skiing lessons started at 9:30 so we all made our way to the bottom of the nursery slope. They split us into 2 groups and I got put with my mates. Then we had to do snow ploughs down and they split us again. I was in a group with a woman instructor called Manuella and Emma, Cat, Georgia etc. and Ralph and Ferny. As we were going down, Ferny kept falling and eventually he went to the instructor to tell her his knee had swollen up. He just sat out all day. I felt really sorry for him. We went back to the hotel for lunch then had another 2 hours afterwards. It was dead good between the end of the afternoon session and tea. We had about 3 hours and were bored so when Jez…