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144 Stairs Cafe Review

Originally posted on It Started in Oxford:
Saturday was a long, busy day full of walking, so of course the best decision we could make would be to walk through Old Tbilisi and up 144 stairs to the cafe on top of the hill. It’s never a bad idea to get lost in Old Tbilisi. Although located just a stone’s throw from Freedom Square, within seconds of turning down one of many winding back streets you’re transported through time. I can’t be the only one who swoons over derelict buildings and old doors can I? Also cats everywhere. Look closely at this one below for a kitten pile! We eventually found the street we needed, which was surprisingly tidier than others. It was pretty much full of hotels which I found really surreal, but you can see why with the view. We walked a little more and made our way to some steep stairs, lured in by the jazz music we could hear overhead. We didn’t book a table in advance but they were nice enough…