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Glamping in Asheville

Originally posted on daisyfrancesca:
Disclaimer: I’ve never been camping. The disclaimer is necessary because it definitely influenced my experience and I don’t want to skew your thoughts of glamping just because my expectations were very off. Anyway! Since there are nonstop flights from Jacksonville to Asheville now, my friend Kristina flew to Asheville and I met her there. Since we were feeling adventurous, we decided in try glamping instead of staying in a hotel. I actually found Asheville Glamping because they had liked a picture of mine on Instagram. So we roamed the website and landed upon the Deluxe Belle Tent. If you aren’t sure what “glamping” is, we stayed in a tent that had AC, WIFI, a bed, tv, lights, etc. There was also a full bathroom next to the tent. Basically super fancy camping. I’m not sure what my expectations were, but this was a lot closer to camping then I thought it would be. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, but there were times where it was. Because it had rained…

Brenda’s Best Baobab

Originally posted on Head over Heels 2014:
Brenda’s Best Baobab is a gentle giant of a tree. Wider than several people and disappearing into the sky, surrounded by a deck for tables, the Baobab stands quietly. ? Upon crossing into Zambia we soon come across small shops catching attention with their delicious smells and fresh shiny fruit and vegetables. As predicted there are several banks in … but not one of them is working. “Maybe tomorrow” the locals tell me helpfully but tomorrow we’ll be miles away. I silently mourn the unattainable healthy fruit and vegetables available and decide, for the sake of team morale, not to mention that having cleared our stocks of food before crossing the border, we may be a little short for the next 5 days. Unexpectedly, the Sesheke town rolls on and it is clear that we will not find a camping spot by nightfall, which is how we have found ourselves at Brenda’s Best Baobab, an immaculate looking campsite. But, with only 5 kwacha, we are hoping for Brenda’s generosity.…

Conquerors Of The Useless – Rock Climbing In Lander, Wyoming

Originally posted on roamwildandfree:
Climbing and unnamed route on the Shady Side in Sinks Canyon State Park, WY. We have had the pleasure of getting our ego’s handed to us on a rocky platter this past week in Lander, WY. We have been sluffed off countless routes, had our hands thrashed by sharp crimps, and our mental game shocked by sudden falls. This climbing trip has certainly pushed the both of us to the breaking point and yet we keep coming back for more. Sounds a little insane, right? It is, but we love it…why? I haven’t the slightest clue, but it seems we have become climbing junkies – absolutely addicted to the battle of mind, body, and rock. We can’t wait to get the next hit of adrenaline rushing through our veins as we pull a single move that will either sink our fingers into a bomber hold, or send us plummeting 20ft. Sometimes I just cling onto rock thinking “what in the world am I doing up here”? A morning warm up waiting for the…