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A Trace of Teal

Originally posted on The Flower That Blooms:
This is something that you’ll rarely see; us two in colour. But we’ve tried so many different things fashion wise this year already, maybe it’s the start of a new thing? We’re gradually adding a splash of colour to our almost all black wardrobes, hey, you should be proud of us guys! We’re loving the colour teal at the moment. There’s something quite majestic about it, when we think of the colour, the word ‘mermaids’ are instantly brought to our minds! Who doesn’t want to feel like a mermaid? Rachel:  Jacket- Forever 21 Top- Young Guns merch Skirt- Urban Outfitters Boots- Dr Martens Skirts have been some of my favourite items of clothing to buy recently, so when I found this teal A-Line skirt in the Urban Outfitters sale, I didn’t hesitate to order it. I like to make excuses a lot of the time, this occasion being “hey, it will go perfectly with my new docs, so I need it”. I love how it has the buttons at…

Boohoo Fashion Resolutions

Originally posted on The Flower That Blooms:
At the beginning of January we were contacted by Boohoo and asked if we would like to collaborate on a resolutions post. Every year the majority of people make resolutions they can’t keep, so Boohoo decided to give bloggers the chance to make a resolution they’d hopefully stick to! They kindly gifted us an item each that we wouldn’t normally go for but wanted to try and style. So here are the pieces we chose, let’s hope we can stick to this resolution! Rachel: Lara High Rise Skinny Jeans I’ve always been a fan of patterned trousers but I’ve never been brave enough to buy myself a pair. This was the perfect opportunity to get myself some and try something new, finally! I love the red and black check design, they’re also high waisted which is something I like my trousers to be. I’d say the material makes them feel more like thin trousers than jeans but regardless of this I love them! I styled the trousers with a black cropped…

Thrifting Haul: Anachronistic Picnic

Originally posted on mailbox mermaid:
I have a secret daydream of living in a little house with a vast, verdant garden in an utterly nonexistent, romanticized land and era where my days spend my days poring over novels, walking through slightly-wild rosebushes, and drinking tea by an abandoned fountain in the late afternoon (and also probably eating cake and strawberries, because why not). This ridiculous, saccharine fantasy recently enveloped me while I was–of all places–lost in the middle of countless racks of color-coded clothes at the Goodwill Store. And why? Because, friends, I found the dress of my dreams: or maybe I should say that it found me? (No, I definitely found it: let’s not make this weirder than it already is.) Absolutely every detail of this dress delights me. The neckline pairs perfectly with my grandmother’s pearls (appropriately)–or, if I had one, perhaps a cameo brooch. There’s no tag or maker’s mark on this dress, and the way in which it’s stitched suggests that it was probably handmade, making it even more charming! You know what I like, though? Really nice fitted…

OOTD | Brighton

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I couldn’t have asked for a nicer day in Brighton. It was a stunning summers day and so I kept my outfit pretty simple to keep fresh and cool by the seaside. Here’s what I wore… I wore: White Top: Glassons ‘Rolled sleeve blouse’ Distressed Denim Shorts: Temt Sandals: Windsor Smith ‘Bondi Tan’ Sunglasses: Dotti Metal Statement Necklace: Dotti Earrings: Lovisa Watch: Lovisa Backpack: Sportsgirl Check out some pics from my day in Brighton here and stay tuned for more adventures through Europe! Next stop: Cambridge, Norwich and Southwold. x