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recovering from an ED || a beautiful journey of various volumes

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? “recovery is not a destination where one day you will wake up and feel fixed but rather it’s a slow mending process that follows an imperfect line where progress is made over time. along the way your eating disorder will make it’s presence known as it fluctuates between being very quiet or very loud. use this as reassurance that you are healing by the mere fact that you are aware of the sounds it makes and in charge of the volume. “ ? finding this quote from Tina Klaus of Don’t Live Small?was a sign from the universe, i swear. i have read it multiple times knowing how much i must?remember that my eating disorder may flare+ fluctuate, but i remain in charge of the internal volume. i remain in recovery. so i’m being a bit more candid in this post, less about tasty healthy treats?+ more about what i have experienced as well as continue to live with. i’m curious who else had a difficult time…

A Day That Made My Soul Sing || Friends, Ambition, Yoga + a Balance of it All

Originally posted on she be kale-in' it:
when you do things from your soul,  you feel a river moving through you, a joy.  the last few days i have followed my soul & reached for what makes it “sing”. breakfast || gluten free oats | almond milk | mango | coconut | chia| hemp seed || i reached out and helped another women in recovery through a mentorship program i am taking part in. i was present and mindful during a meal with one of my best friends. Look out for more information on Courtney + her amazing yoga instructions on this blog! last night Court + I pow-wowed with ideas for collaborations on how to grow + encourage others to grow in their health. to spend an evening discussing ideas about health, balance + well being (all things that we are passionate about) was so much fun. planners + ipads + yoga books, oh my. this week i was challenged on my yoga mat.leading me tears during final savasana. i was vulnerable + accepting of where i…