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Sweet potato and black bean chili

Originally posted on foodbycamilla:
In my opinion,  Chili is an essential recipe during the winter.This hearty vegetarian chili includes sweet potato and black beans along with flavourful seasoning such as cumin, cinnamon and chili powder.  This chili is bursting with flavour and is my favorite chili recipe at the moment. This chili is the perfect healthy weeknight meal. You can even make it and take it with you for lunch,  I am sure you will make everyone jealous! I’ve also added a few optional topping ideas such as avocado and coriander.Eat the chili as it is, or serve it with brown rice or quinoa. ? ? Ingredients ( serves 4 people).  1 large sweet potato 1 can black beans approximately 450 gram  (15 oz). 1 can chopped tomatoes approximately  400 gram  ( 14 oz). 1/2 onion 2 gloves garlic 2 tsp chilli 1 1/2 tsp cumin 1/2 tsp cinnamon oil for cooking salt and pepper 3 tsp lime juice ? Serve with ( optional) avocado (1/2 avocado per person). cilantro sour creme Method:  Heat oil in a…

Eating Healthy On A Meal Plan

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Eating healthy is hard. It’s a fact of life, now take this struggle and try to eat healthy while on a college meal plan! The freshman 15 is a real thing, unfortunately I know this as a fact having gained, not 15, but a couple extra pounds in college (I blame my love of beer). I was blessed with good taste buds, I have never been a picky eater and there’s only a very few things I really don’t like. I grew up on fresh homemade family meals and learned a lot about healthy eating from my parents so when I got to college I knew the basics about picking the healthiest options when it comes to meals So here’s a few tips and tricks I use for healthy eating while on a college meal plan (I’ll add a general days meals at the bottom) 1) don’t be afraid to ask what is in something or if the chefs can add/substitute or take out some ingredient.      …

My favorite healthy meals when I’m out and about!

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So let’s face it, we all like to go out and treat ourselves with a huge piece of cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory every now and then as a cheat meal, but what if it’s not your cheat day & you have to go out for a birthday, celebration, work party, etc? Below I’m going to list my favorite HEALTHY meals and options when I’m out to eat at some of my favorite restaurants! Cheesecake Factory: So God bless Cheesecake Factory for making the Skinnylicious menu because it takes the guess work right out of trying to find something healthy to eat – although the salt content is pretty high in some of these items (ya gotta make it taste good, right?) you can always ask to have you item cooked with minimal salt! So here’s a few of my favs! + Greek Salad as a starter + Skinnylicious Caesar salad (TO DIE FOR!) + Chicken lettuce wrap tacos (Mexican style w/ no crema) + Skinnylicious grilled salmon w/ asparagus + Skinny…