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We’re [I’m] Back! Here’s What’s “New”

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been posting and reblogging regularly for the past few months. I’ve been dealing with some health issues. Though I’m the only one managing the site, our staff writers have been steady writing. I am happy to say I am healing and back in action! For those of you haven’t had a chance to check out our new and improved website, here’s a quick guide:

10 Highly Recommended Conferences for Young Entrepreneurs in 2016

There are many events geared towards entrepreneurs that take place throughout each year. Here are 10 events worth looking into in 2016.

5 Skills You Should Consider Adding To Your Resume

As history demonstrates, the working force is constantly changing. Given the technology of our current age, there are a few skills you should strongly consider adding to your resume.

Popular Book Releases | January 2016

If you’re a bookworm you’re probably just as excited as we are about all the books coming out in 2016 that you can add to that list you’ll never finish! Based on reviews and recommendations from various sites, here are a few January releases we decided to add to our lists: Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn (YA Lit) Release Date: January 5 | Young Adult Literature Seventeen-year-old Mercedes Ayres offers a unique service to her unexperienced male peers; as long as they are wholly unexperienced. Mercedes allows virgin boys to get the awkward “first time” over with, only requesting in return that they give their girlfriends the perfect first time. The perfect first time which Mercedes never got herself. No Baggage by Clara Bensen Release Date: January 5 | Memoir While gaining balance after a quarter-life crisis, Clara Benson decides to sign up for a dating site where she meets Jeff, a wildly unconventional university professor. While barely knowing each other, they set out on a trip across 8 countries and 3 weeks; With no hotels, no …