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So, an awful lot has happened since my last post. ¬†I had a brutal exam – made only worse by how burnt out I was after Monte Carlo – I received my geeky fabric and started making more scrub caps (posts and pics to come), and this also happened. Rough week eh? ūüėČ One of these things is an image of my experience as medical student: one of them is of my experience of a patient. ¬†Any guesses to as which? It was this one, just FYI. I didn’t really break my arm thankfully, we just had our casting clinical skills after said brutal exam, and so we all got a cast on our arm and put on one our classmates arm…and then totally power sawed it off, and trust me, that was a trust exercise!! I sent a pic of me with my arm in the cast to my parents and sister, with no context, and they all freaked out a little bit, and that…

Athens, and the end of the road

Originally posted on Oh, the places you'll go :
*Post was written on my trip and posted retroactively – and late on account of bad wifi, a cold and oweek, apologies!”* So, as previously mentioned, I wasn’t feeling exactly 100% when I dragged my bags down our steep hill to the coach in Athens. ¬†The lack of nighttime cold meds was really starting to kill me, as I found that when I took too deep of a breath I coughed, limiting the sleep I got to critically low amounts. ¬†I did catch a few z’s again on the 2 hour ferry ride back to the mainland, which helped, and the coach that came and got us from the ferry terminal was really roomy with more leg room, so that was another added bonus. The drive to Athens from the terminal was also another plus – it was about 5 hours and super pretty, with gorgeous landscape after gorgeous landscape. We had two stops on our drive to Athens – one in a cute little Greek…