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My Top Ten Bucketlist Moments

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I owe some of my most treasured memories to travel. Theres a reason I’m so obsessed with seeing the world, and I smile every time I look back at these moments in particular. I was most likely thinking something along the lines of “I love my life” at the time. Cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge Thoughts when cycling over the bridge: “Wow, it’s really windy. And cold… isn’t it supposed to be summer? There are more people on this bridge than cars. Stay on your side pedestrians!” Thoughts when having to get up the hill to this view point: “I can’t cycle up that thing. I’m going to try…. Ok I’m walking the bike up.” But it was worth every second. With beautiful views of the city whilst going over the bridge and once up this hill, there were even better views. On that day I grew a strong appreciation for humanity and the beautiful things we create. Here’s a list of some of the best places to view the bridge.…

Athens, and the end of the road

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*Post was written on my trip and posted retroactively – and late on account of bad wifi, a cold and oweek, apologies!”* So, as previously mentioned, I wasn’t feeling exactly 100% when I dragged my bags down our steep hill to the coach in Athens.  The lack of nighttime cold meds was really starting to kill me, as I found that when I took too deep of a breath I coughed, limiting the sleep I got to critically low amounts.  I did catch a few z’s again on the 2 hour ferry ride back to the mainland, which helped, and the coach that came and got us from the ferry terminal was really roomy with more leg room, so that was another added bonus. The drive to Athens from the terminal was also another plus – it was about 5 hours and super pretty, with gorgeous landscape after gorgeous landscape. We had two stops on our drive to Athens – one in a cute little Greek…

Pompeii, Corfu, jetskis and the Contiki Cough

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*Post was written on my trip and posted – a bit more than intended, apologies for my cold – retroactively on account of bad wifi (and said cold!)* We left Rome the next morning bright and early for what was an all travel day, puntucated with a stop in Pompeii. Pompeii was again, about a zillion degrees, and there was very little shade, making that an extra treat 😝 However the town was worth it in my opinion, as we got to walk through the theatre: Brothel: Baths: Houses: Any city forum: Of all those people whose lives were essentially frozen in time by Vesuvius. There aren’t any bodies actually at the site of Pompeii now, in case anyone was curious, but there were three plaster casts of a man: A dog: And a baby: On display that were kind of fascinating in a terrible way. After Pompeii we got back on the bus again and travel the whole day to make it to our first…