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Tech Tuesday: The Tippy Tap

Originally posted on globally aware millennial:
Every year, over 3.5 million children die from diarrhea or acute respiratory distress. The most poignant part of this figure is that these deaths are almost entirely preventable, simply by ensuring that each person in a community is practicing proper hygiene. Studies find that handwashing with soap before eating or cooking and after using the toilet can lower diarrhea induced deaths by more than 40% and acute respiratory infections by 23%. In developing countries, people are less likely to wash their hands at critical moments, thus spreading disease in a myriad of ways. The problem with practicing proper hygiene is generally due to an availability of fresh running water, awareness of handwashing benefits, a lack of understanding of how illness spreads, and uncultivated hygiene habits. But how do you convince entire groups of people to start washing their hands? Photo Credit: tippytap. Meet the Tippy Tap, a simple and innovative way to get people to wash their hands when it’s most crucial to do so. The technology is easy to…

Kicking 4 Hunger

Soccer classes can be expensive. Feeding those in need can be also prove to be challenging. Kicking 4 Hunger has found a way to do both. The program offers free soccer classes to children in need. In exchange, each student is asked to bring a can of food each day that they attend. It’s a great way for kids of all social backgrounds to get involved AND aids in the fight to end world hunger. Here’s a bit about how they got started: Kicking4Hunger was founded in the summer of 2006 as a simple summer project. Our goal was to provide a fun and educational soccer experience, free of charge, while simultaneously raising food to feed the hungry in the community. The plan was simple: instead of an admission fee to attend our soccer camp, we simply asked that each camper bring in a canned good donation every day that he or she attended. That year, 70+ children who benefited from the pilot camp helped raise over 1,500 pounds of canned goods that went to …

Food Recovery Network

Food Recovery Network began with a group of students at the University of Maryland – College Park. They noticed that dining halls were throwing away large amounts of leftovers. As you may have guessed, they began donate food to various shelters. Four years later, in 2015, they’ve expanded to 140 colleges across the country. You can find out more about their work below. Like what you saw? Find out more here. G.U.M Team

Road Twenty-Two

Since we live in a culture that likes to harp on the negative, I thought I’d post a little positivity. Fif Ghobadian is the CEO of an upcoming organizations called Road Twenty-Two. Here’s a snippet from their website about their purpose: At Road Twenty-Two we are committed to employing women in the United States who need a chance. We want to humanize the image of the women who were formerly incarcerated, homeless, or suffering from substance abuse, and to break through employment road blocks. Our goal is to change people’s lives! The clothing is a little pricey, but it’s for a good cause. The website also includes profiles on some of the women that are apart of the organization. Find out more here. Pizza, Netflix, and Happiness. Mei.