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5 Skills You Should Consider Adding To Your Resume

As history demonstrates, the working force is constantly changing. Given the technology of our current age, there are a few skills you should strongly consider adding to your resume.

Simple in the City: Entertainment

Originally posted on Minimal Millennial:
Living in a small apartment in the city has some major perks, but entertaining can be tough when you only have a few square feet to spare. A typical Saturday at our apartment looks like this: sitting on the floor around the coffee table tossing game dice with six other people. Sometimes we pull together all of the chairs we can find (and chairs that friends bring) and squeeze to fit around our dining table. Most of us hold our drinks because there’s no table space available thanks to the extensive board games we like to play. We have one of the largest apartments in our group of friends (650 square feet), so we’re most often the gathering place. For as fun as it can be, it can get overwhelming. So how do you keep it simple when it comes to entertainment outside the apartment? Why it’s not always best to stay in My husband and I love our evenings together in the apartment. But, since I work from home all week and don’t usually have…

Time To Get Real | Sharing My Struggle

Originally posted on Polished by Amy:
Hey guys! I wanted to share this super personal post today as a therapeutic process for myself. I also want to share because I know there are so many people out there who can relate to my story. This story talks mainly about my struggle as a small business owner, entrepreneur, and a 23 year old trying to get on her own feet. You may have gone through some of the same things, or are even going through it now. Whether your difficulties may be financial, career, or family related, there is always a light at the end. These “low” moments in our life are nothing to be ashamed of and they often allow us to find what we really want out of ourselves, other people, and our lives in general. At 23 years old, this story I’m sharing today has to be the lowest point in my life. I am and always have been an extremely positive person no matter what happened in my life, and this period…

Sephora Haul

Originally posted on LucieLeannexo:
Well, you all knew this was coming – how could I go to a European city without taking a trip to Sephora?! I was actually quite surprised at myself as I was much more restrained in Sephora than I expected. I think this was partially due to the fact that European Sephora’s don’t have too many brands that we can’t get in the UK (unlike Sephora in the US). I instantly knew I had to get something from Kat Von D, and I had my heart set on trying some goodies from Sephora’s own brand. I have always wanted to try some of Sephora’s face masks, virtually every Sephora haul I have seen has included some of them. I was intrigued by their Avocado range, which is said to be nourishing and repairing. So I decided to try the Sephora Avocado Eye Mask & Sephora Avocado Sleeping Mask, both of which I am very excited to try and may even review if that’s something you would be interested in? Sephora are known for…

What it Would Cost Us to Buy a $500k Home

Ok. So this is probably the longest post I have done so far so bear with me. Now that we are debt free, the questions we keep getting asked from family and friends is ‘when are we going to buy a place of our own?’ My natural reaction to this question is to say ‘can I get some breathing room please…we just paid off $120k in 2.5 years and are building our savings while having some fun’. But instead I say ‘we will see, we are not in a hurry’. And that is pretty much the truth. I think I highlighted some of the reasons why my husband and I are content with renting for now in my previous post. Some of the benefits we get out of renting include: Being able to save 30%-43% of our take home pay each month towards both short & long term savings like our ETFs, DRIPS (dividend income is the best), mutual funds with low MERs, GIC’s and basic savings account. This percentage does not include the 5%…

Millennial Problems: I’m Jealous of My Friends

Originally posted on One Millennial Girl:
I know I’m not the only person in the world who has been jealous of someone else. We all experience jealousy on different levels, but have you ever been jealous of your friends? Yes I love my friends and I want the best for them, but I have also envied them to the point where it became unhealthy. When I say unhealthy I mean that I have been so jealous of my friends that it has caused me to fall into a depression. It’s not that I want to be like them; at times I have envied their success, the relationships they have, and their skills and abilities. When my friend went off to live in Costa Rica a few years ago, I began to feel a little twinge of jealousy. It wasn’t bad enough that I was stuck in college on the five-year plan and she had already graduated, but now she was about to go have the experience of a lifetime while I was stuck in Carrollton,…

“Holi” Crap

Originally posted on lilrant:
It’s Holi the day after tomorrow. It’s basically this? festival where people play with colored powder and drop water balloons on each others’ heads. Now, I’m secretly terrified of water. I might have been bitten by a rabid dog and never received treatment and gotten stuck with hydrophobia – I don’t know – and people attacking me with water terrifies me. Of course my secret never stayed a secret when I went to med school. During my first year at college, I had a scary arse lesbian roommate who’d have her girlfriend over and do unspeakable things. So basically, I spent a good six months practically homeless? (roomless) – and had no place to hide when Holi happened. And man, was it bad.? Everyone kept acting like weird babbling barnacles and screaming and throwing EGGS at each other. I’d thought you were only supposed to play with water. And powder. But no. There were eggs in the picture.? Rotten, smelly, putrid eggs. My friends and I were the youngest and obviously…