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Sephora Haul



Well, you all knew this was coming – how could I go to a European city without taking a trip to Sephora?! I was actually quite surprised at myself as I was much more restrained in Sephora than I expected. I think this was partially due to the fact that European Sephora’s don’t have too many brands that we can’t get in the UK (unlike Sephora in the US). I instantly knew I had to get something from Kat Von D, and I had my heart set on trying some goodies from Sephora’s own brand.

I have always wanted to try some of Sephora’s face masks, virtually every Sephora haul I have seen has included some of them. I was intrigued by their Avocado range, which is said to be nourishing and repairing. So I decided to try the Sephora Avocado Eye Mask & Sephora Avocado Sleeping Mask, both of…

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