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What it Would Cost Us to Buy a $500k Home

Ok. So this is probably the longest post I have done so far so bear with me.

Now that we are debt free, the questions we keep getting asked from family and friends is ‘when are we going to buy a place of our own?’ My natural reaction to this question is to say ‘can I get some breathing room please…we just paid off $120k in 2.5 years and are building our savings while having some fun’. But instead I say ‘we will see, we are not in a hurry’. And that is pretty much the truth. I think I highlighted some of the reasons why my husband and I are content with renting for now in my previous post.

Some of the benefits we get out of renting include:

  • Being able to save 30%-43% of our take home pay each month towards both short & long term savings…

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