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Swallowing Criticism With Pride

Originally posted on MiddleMe:
It is not easy to graciously accept constructive criticism. Many people struggle with receiving feedback even it’s completely accurate. For some as soon as the words critique are mentioned, their minds begin to race searching for an explanation for the seeming assault on their person. And they look for an angry reply to rationalize their actions in question. Regrettably, in the heat of such moments, you may react with anger and defensiveness or—yet worse—end up attacking the person giving you the feedback. But truth be told, you’ve got to get over it. There is value in receiving constructive criticism—it helps you identify areas of improvement and your weaknesses. Therefore being able calmly and professionally to handle it will help you in maintaining relationships and in flourishing in everything you do. To help you learn to shy away from the defensive, here are steps to help you tactfully handle the encounter with grace the next time your manager or peer offers you constructive criticism. Check Your First Reaction From the first sign…

The Power of Words

Originally posted on Miss Toni Speaks:
I was reminded about the power of words today and thought I would focus on that a bit. In Jamaica, most people like to say “words can’t hurt me” but I think they are lying to themselves. Watch Profile with Ian Boyne and you realize that most of the success stories were fueled by a hateful word. People become driven to prove others wrong about the negative things they say to or about them. Yes, becoming driven also results from other poor treatment. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble – Yehuda Berg. I’m on my way to St. Thomas today, where I was born and raised and where I lived for 23 years and where I watched my mother endure many a hateful word thrown in her direction. Trust me, she was not only a victim, she dished as well as received. I grew up with an extended family and most times I…

5 Skills You Should Consider Adding To Your Resume

As history demonstrates, the working force is constantly changing. Given the technology of our current age, there are a few skills you should strongly consider adding to your resume.

Periscope as a New Technology to Integrate in Higher Education Classrooms?

Originally posted on Millennial Professor: Since I joined the faculty ranks back in 2006, my preferred (and the students’ preferred communication methods) have continued to evolve. For example… 2006-2010 – The preferred communication method in my classroom was Yahoo Instant Messenger. *I linked Yahoo IM to my Blackboard courses as an embedded widget. 2010-2012 – The preferred communication methods in my classroom were Twitter and Google Voice for text messages. 2012 – 2015 – The preferred communication methods in my classroom were Twitter, Google Plus Groups, Google Voice for text messages, and Facebook groups (graduate students and undergraduate students). Fall 2015 (and beyond) –  The preferred communication methods in my classroom will be..Google Plus, Google Voice, and potentially Periscope (a interactive live stream technology for conferencing and establishing social presence). Read more…

Doormat: A Thing Not a Person

I may not be the nicest person (to say the least) but I have no problem being generous. I’m going to give my audience credit for your intelligence by keeping this short and simple. If you’ve felt like a doormat recently, here are a few quotes for you: And my personal favorite… Pizza, Netflix, and Happiness. Mei. Feel free to share your experiences and tips below or send them to