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Play Store vs Playground

There are at least three playgrounds within the immediate area of the condo I live in, with my husband. Every morning when I join the rest of the corporate zombies on the clogged-up highway, I pass two out of the three playgrounds. When I return from work, I pass by the third playground. Yet, these playgrounds are empty and completely devoid of children laughing and playing on them.

For Better, For Worse, or For Now?

*Disclaimer: for those of you that don’t pick up internet sarcasm well, in this post it’s everything written in italics. When I was in high school I used to jokingly say that I was probably going to get married twice. According to various articles, this joke is highly likely to be my reality. It’s commonly referred to as a starter marriage or beta marriage. For the past five or so years previous generations have been writing about how generation y is ruining changing the institution of marriage. The typical posts talk about how we’re getting married sooooo much later. Apparently we’re more likely to get married at 27 (women) and 29 (men) than 20 (women) and 23 (men). I guess it’s preferred that we pop out children right after high school, although we had to get permission to use the bathroom just 10 minutes ago. Some writers have even referenced television shows that perpetuate this behavior. The one thing these articles all have in common? Blaming social media, dating apps, and other forms of technology for our “change of …

How Star Wars helps “generational cycles” make sense

Originally posted on So-Called Millennial:
this is not my niece… this is a Google image… she is NOT a pink kind of girl. My 5-year-old niece recently told my sister that her favorite color is black like Darth Vader and that she “isn’t a pink kind of girl anymore.” Another niece has a crush on Darth Vader, recently admiring him from a far at a trip to Disneyland. My 2-year-old nephew walks around the house humming the Imperial March “Darth Vader” song. “He’s obsessed,” says his mom. In light of my ongoing generational musings, I thought it was time to use pop culture inspiration for useful analysis. “Star Wiirrz,” as my son calls it, is his favorite movie (that he’s never seen). “The one with Loop Skywalker,” he says as he draws a giant circle in the air with his tiny finger. Star Wars has no doubt captured the imagination of several generations. To indulge a bit of family history (and perhaps attract more much-needed nerds to my blog) I’ll sort through the characters we…