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I Could Have Been #SandraBland

Originally posted on dionna camille:
That is what kept me silently outraged for weeks. This one hit TOO close to home. They all hit close to home. I have a brother and fiancé that I worry about tirelessly. Black men are a target. But as I take the necessary steps to finally get my driver’s license, what will I do when I get pulled over? Will my fear keep my docile and agreeable? Or will my outrage and blanket disdain for why is happening to men and women that look like me keep me from biting my tongue or “getting smart”. How far will “knowing my rights” get me if they feel they don’t apply to me in the first place? We too are now a target. Women. Black women. #SandraBland #RekiaBoyd #ShellyFrey #YvetteSmith #MyaHall #KendraJames #NatashaMcKenna #AiyanaStanleyJones I used to fear and speak up for my Black men because many felt their voices were too loud. But who will speak for us? The women whose voices are now too soft. #sayhername dionnacamille