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Happy Fry-Day!

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With one blog post I am going to make your Friday go from Fri-Day to Fry-Yay! You heard it here first Perth-ites… Lord of the Fries is bringing it’s delicious fries with a side of burgers to the people of Perth! That’s right! After months of requests, the Lords will be opening the doors to their first West Coast store in late 2015. Although I can’t tell you the exact date or location just yet, I can tell you that it will be in the Perth CBD and by following you will be the first to hear all about the new store and  grand opening! If you’re not familiar with the Lords, the idea was born from late night snack excursions in 2004, where founders Mark and Mandy met while living in Taiwan. Their love of fries (and each other) drew them closer, while their conscience led them to look for alternate solutions to the chemical and beef tallow laden options on the market. They were seeking perfection in the form of golden and crunchy fries that used…

A Quick Guide to Preparing Healthy Food

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follow these quick and easy healthy substitutions when preparing food. •Bake, grill, poach or steam foods rather than microwaving or frying foods •Try applying oils using a spray bottle or use nonstick pans rather than coating your food with oil, no matter what kind of oil is used •When baking or following a recipe try substituting 1.5 egg  whites instead of 1 egg •Use nuts sparingly. Remember that nuts, although healthy, are full of fats and should only be enjoyed in small quantities •Use sea salt instead of table salt •Try using low fat yoghurt instead of sour cream or mayonnaise- you won’t even taste the difference!

Blueberry Blast Smoothie!!

Hi Everyone, so I had some beautiful Blueberries already frozen and wanted to share my breakfast with you 🙂 which I will be doing for the next week:D This Smoothie, is sweet and nutty and oh sooooooo good for you… and That COLOR…. All you need is: – 2 Bananas –  1 1/2 cups Frozen Blueberries _  Coconut Water (cold) – 2TBS Hemp Hearts – 2 drops Vanilla sweet drop – A Blender ( I use my NutriBullet with 32Oz Cup) * make sure your Bananas are ripe for sweetness  & Freeze the bluberries over night 🙂 **NOTE: Hemp hearts are a rich source of nutrition, putting them in the “superfoods” category. Hemp hearts typically contain 33 percent protein, 9 percent omega-3 essential fatty acids, and are an excellent source of iron, vitamin E and GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), an Omega-6 fatty acid. The essential fatty acids have heart health and anti inflammatory benefits. Hempseeds are nutty in flavor How To:   Put  Bananas and blueberries and hemp hearts, sweet drops into your Blender and cover with Cold Coconut water (32Oz) and BLEND for 1 minute.…

What is Willpower?

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Willpower is the ability to ignore temporary pleasures or discomforts in order to pursue a longer-term goal, and is essentially a biological function. It is a mind-body response, not a virtue. It is using your rational side to control or dictate what the emotional side wants-not a fair or easy fight! Emotions are a powerful driver of decisions and easily overpower reasoning at times.  So given that willpower is limited, what can we do to maximise our willpower? and what are some strategies to conserve it? 1. Plan in advance. Planning in advance for moments of weak self-control reinforces willpower when it is needed most. For example: The food choices we make because we are tired or hungry. These choices are often poor and of little nutritional value because we just grab what is convenient and usually packaged! A better strategy would be to organise meals for the day or week in advance (I do mine on a Sunday) so that you are at your strongest in regards to willpower. Then your meals…

Move Over, Smoothies || Quinoa Porridge

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sometimes a smoothie just isn’t cutting it. even in all their detoxifying, nutrient packed glory, occasionally i crave a warm breakfast to fill me up. so if you’re ready to swap your smoothie, try a healthy plant based porridge. quinoa porridge is the absolute best. enjoyed with a hot cup of coffee or tea and dressed with an array of healthy toppings- yes, please. the benefits of quinoa are that it’s a gluten free, complete protein with all amino acids &?plenty of fiber/protein. the good stuff that keeps you fueled during your busy days pre-lunch hour. the incans considered it the sacred “mother grain” & many vegans may tell you they feel same. for the porridge: cook 1/2 cup of quinoa with 1 cup almond milk (or any nut milk) bring to a boil and then reduce to simmer, cover, & let sit for 15 minutes as it is heating, add a tsp of vanilla or almond extract & a dash of cinnamon &/or nutmeg.?when all liquid is…