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Banana Date Ice-cream!

Originally posted on Vegan Needs:
Hi everyone, this ice-cream is soooo creamy, delicious and sooooo sweet that it will satisfy all of your Sugary cravings! and what’s great about it is that it is Dairy-free and made with only two fruit ingredients!! NO white refined sugar high!! Just natural sugar!!! All you need is:  – Bananas ( 2-3 frozen overnight or for a few hours) – 2dates ( soaked in water for a few hours) – A Blender ( I use my NutriBullet) ** Note:  Dates are one of the most popular fruits packed with an impressive list of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are required for normal growth, development and overall well-being. Fresh dates compose of soft, easily digestible flesh and simple sugars like fructose and dextrose. When eaten, they replenish energy and revitalize the body instantly. The fruit is rich in dietary fiber, which prevents LDL cholesterol absorption in the gut. Additionally, the fiber works as a bulk laxative. It, thus, helps to protect the colon mucous membrane from cancer-causing chemicals binding to it in the…