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Lounge Review: Lufthansa Business Lounge Frankfurt (B44)

travelux Lufthansa Business Lounge Frankfurt (B44) is one of several Lufthansa lounges at the airport. Due to its enormous size and its hub function for Lufthansa, Frankfurt Airport offers passengers a lounge close to pretty much all departure gates. When we had the pleasure to fly via Frankfurt, we decided to give the Lufthansa Business Frankfurt (B44) a try. Lufthansa Business Lounge Frankfurt (B44) is located in the middle of several gates on the end of the Terminal B which is used for international departure to the US and other non-Schengen destinations. Be aware that there is another Lufthansa Business Lounge on the other side of the terminal (B24). The Lufthansa Business Lounge Frankfurt (B44) is shaped like a circle which makes it quite comfortable for seating as the layout adds a lot of privacy. Sadly, Lufthansa Business Lounge Frankfurt (B44) comes without any good views, making it a little boring… View original post 564 more words