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Black British Girlhood


unnamed (1) Art by Pearl Ivy Some of BlkGrrrl’s favorite voices on the African Diaspora are from the United Kingdom. While their size compared to the white population in the UK is smaller than in the United States, their perspective offers a diverse look of the Black experience outside the continent of Africa. In many ways it seems that the Black British Grrrl experience is more diverse in the UK than in the US.

Today we’re looking at the summer London exhibit Black British Girlhood. The curator of the event is Bekke Popoola who in an article in IC3 magazine describes herself as, “Almost British, almost Nigerian.” Popoola is a graphic artist who was born-and-raised in East London.

Bekke Popoola: What inspired the name of the exhibit Black British Girlhood?

#BlkGrrrl: It was inspired by a friend called Deborah aka DJ Pepper-Coast posting her diary on…

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