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Forget the Rowboat, Son.

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Today marks two very special occurrences for me–it’s my birthday, for one (I’m writing to you as a slightly older and wiser person, I guess!) and, more importantly, it’s also the fifteen-year anniversary of the first time I saw Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Back then in 2001, it was my eighth birthday, and I lived and breathed lost cities: so, naturally, I was incredibly excited to see a Disney film that explored that very subject!

And it did not disappoint. 

People always look at me strangely when I say that my favorite Disney movie is Atlantis, but seriously–what’s not to love? Its main character is an awkward cartographer/linguist (a total heartthrob to a young nerd like me), it’s set in a vaguely steampunk 1914, it has one of the most wonderfully diverse casts in animated movie history, and Leonard Nimoy plays the King of Atlantis. I was never…

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