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Best In Class

Class: Throwback

Studio: Throwback Fitness

Location: 303 5th Ave, Rm 207, New York, NY 10016

Workout Category: strength training, circuit training, rowing

What ClassPass Says: “Class includes rowing instruction, warm-up and 2 workouts – phys ed and recess. The phys ed workout consists of individual or partner rowing sprints and bodyweight circuits. The recess portion is a team workout that will channel your youth with feelings of playground fun or dorm room parties…”

My Instructor: Ryan Wilke

Class Number: 91

Throwback Fitness is all about bringing the fun back into your workouts. And, gotta say, I sure had some.

For our warm-up, Ryan had us play a little game. Focused on 90s rock music, he would start to play a snippet of a song that would either feature a band from Seattle or Los Angeles. Our job was to choose which city we thought the band…

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