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Outgoing Mail: Patterns, Please!

mailbox mermaid


Considering it’s only January 19, I’d say that I’m doing relatively well with accomplishing my minor goals for 2016. In the past few weeks, I’ve nearly doubled my daily reading time, spiced up my typical routine with biweekly zumba classes, and made a few valiant efforts to meet or spend time with fellow humans in the area.

(I’m still working on hanging out with fellow extraterrestrials, of course, but that may take a while. Unless they come to Earth solely to catch the X-Files reboot next week.)

Unsurprisingly, I have also managed to maintain my letter-writing productivity, and am slowly getting around to answering all of my wonderful holiday mail. With so many letters to answer and so much winter dreariness to combat, I’m enjoying the opportunity to cut loose and go wild with colorful patterns, papers, and tape!

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