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It Rains in My Apartment and Other Things I Shouldn’t Worry About (Weekly Recap 6)

Adventures in Verdance

PicMonkey CollageI added the throwback of the shark punching picture for @KatoKatonian. It’s a classic, after all.

  • Once upon a time, my neighbor told me about his harrowing experience regarding water coming through his ceiling when his upstairs neighbor was taking a shower. It involved a lot of his possessions getting ruined and the floor being replaced throughout most of his apartment. I thought, “Wow, that must have sucked,” then moved on with my life. That is, until Friday night when I suddenly heard a fast tapping coming from the bathroom. I walked in, had a split second of rage, then grabbed a bucket. Ever since then, I’ve been playing a back and forth game of miscommunication with the rental company. In my opinion, it’s kind of an emergency when water starts coming out of your vents. It’s been five days and they finally sent people to fix it. And even then…

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